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40 Poems by Elmar Schmeisser is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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INTROIT - Oft do I sit, still as a mouse

SCA specific:

APPRENTICE - Dreamweaver, spellsinger,

THE BARDIC ART - The bardic art they say

BARON - The Baron bellowed once:

DRAGON'S BALL - The gentle folk of Dragonsmark,

LONG TRIP TO THE NORTH - Jammed in a chariot, elbows in ears


THE HUNTING OF THE GREAT NAUGA - O'er the land the call went out

THE REEVE WITH A PEEVE - From strange green leaves

TIGHNA - A scrawny and a scurvy crew

SALUTE TO THE WARRIORS - Hai, ye warriors, ye who carve men

WIZARD - Alone in his tower the wizard he sits;


Medieval-ish (sorta):


ACT OF GOD - Circles the spoken rhyme     and for all star-lit time

CHOICES - Once I thought if this land were mine,

BY LAUGHING TREES - Come sit with me  By laughing trees

THE DAEMON BLADE - Hear now this tale     Of ancient ages

BLACK CASTLE DUHN - Dark and dank, cold and grim

EMPTY - Evenstar shines in a darkening sky

A TOAST TO FATE - Behold the loom of life

THE GIFT - Black rock mining -- Pickaxe shining

IMBOLC EVE - Six full Moons their light have cast,

KING'S QUEST - A King he gang huntin', a maiden he's wantin',

THE LADY AND THE SEA - A Lady sits at her window and sighs

NIGHTWALKER - Ah, Lady of the Evening,

ANCIENT OAK - Aye, the Moon sings her ancient lines to the seas

BITTER PRICE - A poor bard, I, who wanders cold,

THE ROSE - Twixt the Dark and the Day

NUESTRA SENORA DE LA PALOMA - Oh, go not gentle into that ship,

VIGNETTES: THE COLOR OF SLEEP - The color of sleep is the color of DEATH

A SQUIRE'S LAMENT - Stretched on a bed of sweat and Sand,

LAMENT OF THE ANCIENT STANDING STONES - A lover is       A fool they say




BALROG - Dark, deep, silent, slow,

CURSE - Last phase of Luna, ancient Queen,

THE HERALD - For I have stood by Gilgalad's side

THE CELTIC KNOT - They tell a tale      Like a Celtic knot

SHARRON OUTBREAK - Tossing flame erupts from dead-black coal

THE DEATH OF SHIVA - A pang in the light

TINKER/WATCHER - What does he see in his clanking old gears?




HAIKU - How useful, the kensui:

NORTHEASTER - Brown and Blue, Smoke eddies from my Pipe.

WAKA - The tree drips blood from leafy hair

A WEDDING CEREMONY - Conferimus Hodie Coram Deo Omnipotente,