Regular classes:

Evening Start Stop Instructor Where Subject
Tuesday 7:45 8:45 Elmar Schmeisser Morrisville Shotokan Karate
Thursday 7:45 8:45 Elmar Schmeisser Morrisville Shotokan Karate

Sessions: 4 weeks (8 classes) each (breaks generally  around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Labor Day).

Please pay for the entire session or for the individual class at the front desk.

 Information for students:

The class is designed for adults; high school students (e.g. ages 13 and higher) who are comfortable training with adults are welcome.  Students can join at any time.   Since it takes at least 30 hours of training to learn each step of new material well, belt rank (“kyu”) testing occurs about 3 times a year.  Color belt rank testing is encouraged but not required, and is currently free.  Beginners are not required to have uniforms for training; however, if they wish to progress via rank tests, they must obtain a traditional Japanese style plain white karate uniform (“karate-gi”) without patches, logos or other decoration.  Uniforms used from previous training in other karate styles elsewhere are acceptable; however, patches and other markings should be removed if possible.  Finally, since karate involves physical contact with others in training punching, kicking, blocking, parrying and immobilization techniques, all jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, finger rings, hair ornaments, etc.) should be removed prior to training to prevent loss or injury to either the wearer or their partner.  Plain flat wedding bands may be permitted if they pose no hazard to yourself or your partners.  It is assumed that each adult is fully aware of their own physical and mental condition, have the appropriate medical and psychological clearance to attend the class, and can be trusted to moderate their efforts to stay within their capabilities.